Tips to Add Pastels into the Decors of Your House

Cute baby pinks, soothing lavenders, creamy mint greens, and Robin’s egg blues. These are the dreamy and soft colors that are usually associated with springtime and Easter. Every time winter is yet to be over, this is the ideal time for you to be inspired. There are tons of trendy yet cost-effective means for you to add pastel colors into any room, which can provide your apartment or house that dewy, fresh springtime feel. To know great pastel décor ideas for your home, read on this article and find them out below: 

Idea #1: Use pastels in your seating and chairs 

While thinking about it, almost all the rooms in your apartment or home feature some type of seating arrangement. This provides you lots of ideas to add pastel into your bedroom, kitchen, dining room, and living room. Reading chairs, writing chairs, barstools, and even patio fixtures can be bought in all kinds of pastel colors that can bring a soft accent to every corner of a room.  

Idea #2: Utilize pastel-colored home appliances 

Pastels are definitely not just limited to your bedrooms and living rooms. In fact, it can also be incorporated in home appliances for you to bring a dash of springtime into your kitchen area as well. Such home appliances may be refrigerators, blenders, espresso machines, and more. If you are a fan of retro styles, you can definitely appreciate such diner-like and nostalgic touches, which were famous in the mid-20th century. 

Idea #3: Have pastel decorations 

Regardless of the style of your home décor is rustic, retro, modern, or coastal, there’s an endless option you can have with pastel decorations—from paintings, sculptures, planters, clocks, to anything. If you’re in a rush while window-shopping, you can easily and effectively find pastel accessories by just searching online.  

Idea #4: Utilize hints of pastels in wallpaper or paint 

Wallpapering or painting a room is perhaps the most noticeable and boldest means of incorporating pastels in your house. If you still don’t know how you want your room to look and which particular color is best for your room, you can always begin with a single access wall for you to have an idea of how it feels. If you feel more ambitious, feel free to do color gradients or stripes for a customized and special look. If you want assistance from the experts basically about painting Reno, make sure to consult to them now.  

Idea #5: Have pastel furniture 

If you think that the thought of papering or painting your walls in pastel is quite too much for you, you can opt for trying a subtler method by selectively utilizing pastel accents instead. For instance, you can utilize furniture items in pastel, like bookshelves, sofas, or end tables to simply incorporate just the right hint of spring to any areas of your house.  

If you’re on a tight budget, worry no more because you can always attempt to repaint your old furniture items rather than purchasing new ones. Repurposing old furniture is not just good for your wallet, but for our mother earth as well.